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It’s an Art!

In all my years of experience in choosing craft beer, its always exciting to be trying new brews. Apart from the regular go to beers, I always get tempted to try new beers based on how handsome the packaging is. Undoubtedly, the look of the beer has a huge impact on the drinking experience. We are drawn to the impressive designs, the cheeky sketches, the wild flurry of colours.

Well, I guess with that much of effort the breweries put into making the cans and bottles look as appealing as possible, the old adage ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ can’t really apply in the craft beer industry. After all, craft beer is more than just a beer. It’s a symbol of the boundless human potential for creativity and artistic innovation. And as consumers we are so blessed that craft beer breweries have fully explored that by consistently giving us beers that are not only exciting in flavours and aromas, but looks just as magnificent as it tastes.

In that same wavelength, brewing is undeniably a form of art. Every craft beer brewer is an artist in the truest sense of the word. 

There are some amazing craft beer brands, some choose to share their innovative brews with the rest of the world, and some choose to serve their homeland only. But they all have a common character like all top artists and performers- striving to get the best form a beer could be. For foodies out there in Malaysia, you guys line up hours for special street food or delicious restaurant food just to ease your craving on that specific food/flavour. We would do that for beers!

I would say this is the only industry where the contents and the outlook are highly co-related. So next time when you are pouring a glass from a bottle or can, do remember to appreciate both of the artists that make the craft beer taste amazing and look that cool!


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