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Craft Beer- A Standing (Hop)vation

Craft Beer- A Standing (Hop)vation

Craft beer has been growing at a slow pace in Malaysia and it is still far reach from the wine, spirit and commercial beer industries which dominate the market here. Craft beer is definitely at the top of the alcohol pyramid as it’s the most niche market with the least appreciation. There is a common misconception that beers should be cheap and are not as healthy compared to wine, owing to purported health benefits of wine which also gives people an extra reason to drink it as compared to beer.

Speaking to some of the older generation about the price point of a good craft beer, their reaction to hearing a big can or bottle of craft beer can go up to RM50 and above is certainly amusing.

So what makes craft beer so expensive? Well, it’s basically the Musang King of beers!

There’s also the fact costs tend to be higher for artisanal products that are inarguably of a better quality. This is also why people enjoy Inside Scoop instead of commercial ice cream from the grocery stores. Craft beer is produced in smaller quantities, with better ingredients and processes that ensure better quality and flavours compared to commercial beer.

Alas, such analogies don’t really do justice to craft beer, as it’s also imported from a variety of breweries around the world and not locally brewed here. Cue massive taxes and shipping costs.

Then there’s the issue of shelf life for craft beer which you wouldn’t encounter with wine or whiskey. Some craft breweries will add lines on their labels like “Drink Fresh”, “Hops Fade Fast”, “Store Chilled” and etc. That’s because beer is sensitive to heat, light and time and it’s best consumed as soon as possible, especially for hop-forward beers.

However, for craft beer industry to challenge this and get the freshest brews are tough, thanks to the long travel distance and lengthy clearance here. But we try our best to shorten every possible process to serve the craft beer drinkers here by shipping in air as much as possible for hoppy beers and to ensure no wasted time during the process.

So watch out for new range of good beers heading your way soon!

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